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Grade 1 - HT1  HT2  HT3  1A  1B  1C  1D 1E 1F 1G
Grade 2 - HT1  HT2   2A  2B  2C  2D  2E  2F
Grade 3 - 3A  3B  3C  3D  3E
Grade 4 - 4A  4B  4C  4D  4E
Grade 5- 5A 5B  5C  5D

Gear Check Rules

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Red Ribbons on ponies that kick

RED Ribbons on Kicking ponies and horses

If your horse or pony has been known to kick at other ponies/people, you must attach a RED RIBBON to their tail for every rally.  This warns the other riders and pedestrians that they must keep a horse distance from the kicky end AT ALL TIMES.  Riders if you see a red ribbon you must keep out of kicking range AT ALL TIMES.  


Red Ribbon on horse tail

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