Monbulk Riders Without Horses Program

Stuart Goggin, Sunday, 24 September 2017


Monbulk Early Equestrian Program (RWOH)

Do you have a child who is crazy about horses and wants to join Pony club?  Perhaps you have no experience with horses, but appreciate the amazing life enrichment that ponies will bring along.  Well this program is perhaps what you are looking for!

The Monbulk Pony club is pleased to announce the commencement of it's Monbulk Early Equestrian Program (We used to call it the RWOH Riders without Horses Program)

  • Our MEEP program is specifically designed for families who have children who would like to be involved with horses and participate in pony club, but who do not have access to a horse or pony 
  • Our program offers members a 4 hour program every Saturday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.  We will lend you a horse for the ridden component of the program, one of our Pony Club familes horses that has taken their owner through the very process you are embarking on!  Sessions will be split into a theory, practical and a riding component.
  • Our members will learn pony ownership skill, riding skills and the mechanics of pony care.  We won't sugar coat the experience, owning a pony is hard work, but we will make it fun!
  • You and your rider will learn what it takes (and costs) to own a pony and become a memebr of a Pony club,  and along the way your rider will develop awesome balance and ridng skills
  • The program is a social experience for your child, where other like minded children will attend weekly. Great friendships will develop!

** If you already have a pony but feel this program will be of benefit - please contact us, we can definitely do something for you.



Please contact Stuart Goggin on 0410 541 534 for details


Program Plan for 2019

Term 2 2019
  Date Theory Practical Ridden
1 27th April The Bit, The Reins and how it all works   D Certificate Ridden
2 4th May The Saddle Dressage Tests 5A,5C D Certificate Ridden
3 11th May Daily Grooming of your Horse    
4 18th May Show Jumping Show Jumping Course Setup Show Jumping Intro
5 25th May Feeding your Horse Quiz, Bridle Race  
6 1st June Winter and your Horse Practical D Certificate (Catch, Tie Up) One Hand Riding
7 8th June The Skeleton Bony Land Marks Rising Trot, Sitting Trot
Balance Exercises
8 15th June Cleaning your Gear Practical D Certificate (pg 37, Grooming/Tacking Up Exercise)

Mount and Dismount from either side
Mounted Games

9 22nd June Horse Colours and Markins Quiz Games


Term 3 2019

** Note that the session planned for the 20th July will not run as that is the day of our awards

  Date Theory Practical Ridden Special Event
1 27th July Rugging

D Certificate (Safety, Tie up Catch)


Transitions - red light green light
2 3rd August Tack D Certificate (Pg 37, Grooming Tacking Up Exercise (repeat)) Grid  
3 10th August   CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER    
4 17th August PoloCrosse Polocrosse unmounted Soccer  
5 24th August Spring and your horse Ground work (Leading)


6 31st August The Pony Club D Certificate ( pg12 Holding the reins, shorten, lengthen, two hands, one hand ) BareBack  
7 14th September Horse First Aid Theory First Aid Practical Musical Ride
Riding in Pairs
Parent Workshop on Horse Floats


Term 4 2019
  Date Theory Practical Ridden
1 12th October Safety Around horses Practical D Certificate (Safety, pg 38 Fitting the Bridle) Trot Poles
2 19th October Cross Country Walking the Cross country Grid
3 26th October Trail Riding (Endurance) Lunging Cross Country
4 2nd November Conformation Practical Conformation Assessment One handed Riding
5 9th November Horse Talk Practical D Certificate (pg16 Road Safety) Trot and Canter at varying speed
Balance Exercises
6 16th November Horse Foot Falls and Movement Practical D Certificate (Tacking Up) Rising Trot Sitting Trot
7 23rd November Summer and your horse Worming your Horse Trail Riding
8 30th November The Hoof Unmounted Dressage Tests Trot Diagonals
9 7th December Crafty things Quiz (Name the Tack, Bridle Race - Parents vs Student) Dressage Test 5A/5C


Planned Topics

  • Horse Careers
  • Human First Aid + Practical First Aid. (Find an external provider for this)
  • GroundWork
  • Ways we use horses - Equestrian Activities
  • Knots and Horse Safety
  • Horse Feeding and weight management
  • Horse Paddock and Safety
  • Equine Communication
  • Lunging for Exercise
  • Horse Foot Falls and paces
  • Horse Dentistry
  • Working with Horses - Jobs
  •   Dressage Unmounted Dressage test practice 5A 5C ridden Test



New Member - Enrol in the RWOH program


To enroll as a member in the Monbbulk Pony club you will need to apply for membership for each Rider, and also for each parent/supporter who will be attending the RWOH program club with the rider on a regular basis.  So at a minimum you will create TWO omnisport accounts.  

  1. Setup an account on OmniSport for Each Rider and each supporter, complete the details as required, for every person
    (It's important you register as a club supporter so that you receive email updates, and also meet the requirements of our club insurance policy)
    a) Click on the New Member Link 

    and follow the prompts
  2. Select FY19 Junior Member - Riders Without Horses Group membership category for your rider's membership account
  3. We recommend you direct deposit the payment for both fees.  Select Direct Deposit as the payment method and then follow the "Paying your Term Fees"
  4. Please complete our club enrolmnet form for each rider Club Enrolment form

Paying your fees


Please deposit your payment of your TERM FEES to this account

BSB 633 000 Acc 115 079 105 MONBULK PONY CLUB INCORP

Please set the reference to be RWOH and your SURNAME


Membership Renewals 

  1. If you have not already, then please Setup an account on OmniSport for Each Rider and each supporter, complete the details as required, for every person.
    (It's important you register as a club supporter so that you receive email updates, and also meet the requirements of our club insurance policy)
    Log in to your Omnisport account and follow the prompts to renew your membership

    a) Click on the login page
    b) Then Select the Membership Tab
    c) Follow the prompts - selecting the Renew option against your current membership

    d) Make sure you select the correct membership category - for the correct year (2018/2019) and also sleect FY19 RWOH - Riders without Horses
    Your membership renewal will be reviewed and then accepted by the club and your fees will need to be paid if not paid during the above renewal process

  2. Please complete our club enrolmnet form for each rider
  3. Paying your fees

    Please deposit your payment of your TERM FEES and/or PCAV Fees to this account

    BSB 633 000 Acc 115 079 105 MONBULK PONY CLUB INCORP

    Please set the reference to be RWOH and your SURNAME



Children riding in our program or at any activity in the pony club MUST have a certified helmet (Less than 5 years old) and MUST wear correct riding boots. 

WE cannot allow riders to mount a horse without these two critical safety items.

A correct riding boot has a flat sole, with a raised heel, the sole may have a very light ripple pattern but cannot have treads. 

The Correct boots will look like this

Riding Boot


Being a Pony Club Member

Our MEEP program is run by the Monbulk Pony club, which is an organisation that has existed for over 40 years.  Our Pony Club is part of a much larger Zone/State/Country based organization.  The pony club is a volunteer based organisation whose focus is to:

  • To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved types of sport connected with horses and riding
  • To provide instruction in horsemanship and riding and to instill in the members the proper care of their animals.
  • To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-discipline.

We want to encourage all children in their equine pursuits.  It's for this very reason we formed the MEEP program to provide an introduction for new riders to the Pony Club to provider them with a rich starting  point on their journey with horses and Pony Club.

The MEEP Program

When you join our MEEP program you are enrolled in our Pony club.  Becoming a member of Pony club is quite different to attending a riding school.  Running a Pony club is an immense undertaking, with much responsibility riding on the parents who volunteer to organise,  but also on the parents who contribute their time and energy to help with the various jobs that we need to do.

We like to encourage MEEP families to attend our monthly Pony club rallies and to be involved in the Monbulk Pony Club.  The MEEP program is designed as an introduction into the pony club for people who are new to horses/ponies.  You are all members of the Monbulk Pony Club and as members we all work together for the benefit of our children.   Attending rallies is a great way for you to meet other parents in the club and experience being a pony club member.  Our pony club has been built and is run with parents like your self who donate their time and energy to make our club function. 

Pony Club Participation for Parents

There are four ways in which you are able to participate with our club

  1. Attend a rally
  2. Undertake a rally duty
  3. Attend a SMZ Duty
  4. Attend a working bee

For the new members these all seem very daunting, but we will make sure that your introduction will be guided and you will have help with learning how it all works.  More importantly each of these ends up being fun for the family and kids.

The important duties are the Working Bees and SMZ Duties, these are explained below:

1. Attending a rally

Our monthly pony club rally takes place on the first Sunday of the month.  The rally starts at 10am and ends at around 3pm.  We would like to encourage you to attend these rallies starting from the July Rally.  If you are able to attend please use the Attend/OPT IN form on the Monbulk Pony Club web page to confirm.  We will discuss this in the MEEP Session prior to the rally.  We will organise you to partner up with another pony club family, and you will be able to follow the family through the day and watch their riding sessions, you will also be able to attend the pony club unmounted/theory sessions.

Attending a rally is a great way for your child to learn how a Pony Club rally works,  also a good way for parents to meet and talk to our other parents, and learn what it takes from a parents perspective to be in Pony Club.

On occasion we do offer horses for MEEP members to ride at a rally, the horses are loaned by families in the pony club, and it's really important that children are able to 

  1. Ride independently
  2. Parents and Children are able to Tack up safely and correctly by themselves
  3. Parents and Children are able to safely lead, rug and un rug their horse
  4. Children are able to Walk Trot and Canter 
  5. Be able to jump small jumps
  6. Are able to ride with a balanced seat with calm and gentle hands

We do not have helpers at the rally, so it's important that when loaned a horse that the family is able to manage and care for the horse.

2. Undertaking a rally duty

Our Pony club is run and organised by parents, and the parents help each other to setup for the day, this includes putting out the equipment and packing it up.  Parents will also help with

  • Setting up the cleaning the club rooms
  • Mopping the floors
  • Putting the bins out
  • Preparing food in the canteen
  • Serving and selling food to the kids throughout the day
  • Cooking food on the BBQ
  • Harrowing the Arena's after the rally concludes
  • Picking up Manure
  • Picking up rubbish around the grounds
  • Tidying up the club rooms - perhaps cleaning the windows

As you can see there are many small duties that can be done.  If you are able to attend a rally we'll put you on for a short period on one of these areas.  There will be other parents and we will make sure there is someone you can ask for help if needed.

3. Attending a SMZ Duty

This one sounds scary, but really isn't and is actually quite fun.   Three times a year our club is requested to provide parent volunteers to help with some of the large competitions that the Pony club runs in our area.  The number of parent volunteers we need to provide is based on our member numbers.  When you completed your club enrollment forms you would have picked one of these events to help at(there are three at different times of the year).   

There is no expectation of horse experience with these duties, but by attending these parent  duties you will get to observe some amazing competition, and certainly see how they are put together.  The duties are many and varied, and it helps to be involved early so that you can pick the type of role that suits you.  Attending the SMZ duty is important because we are expected to provide a set number of parents, and if we don't provide this number the competition wil be affected for the hundereds of children attending.

4. Working Bee

Our grounds were built by parents just like you.  Going back to the 70's our grounds were originally planned to be a rubbish dump!  Some parents of children who used to ride in the area got together and lobbied the council to dedicate the grounds to be a riding center.  And that's where it all started.  Every thing you see has been built by volunteers parents.

Our grounds and facilities are maintained by our Parents.  At least twice a year we hold a working bee.  The one we planned for June 2019 included plans to renovate our pony yards.  It's really important that you come along and help at the working bees so that we can keep our grounds safe and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Pony Club Victoria? The Pony Club Association of Victoria, commonly abbreviated as PCAV, is the controlling body for Pony Clubs in Victoria where young people can ride and learn all disciplines of equestrian sports. The Association co-ordinates, develops and promotes horsemanship in Victoria and instruction for its members. Children and young adults to the age of 25 learn the skills of riding and general horsemanship and compete in local events, but can also go on to compete at state, national and international events, including the Olympics. Pony Club is one of the few sports were males and females compete on equal terms.

  2. What is the SMZ? The SMZ is the Southern Metropolitan Zone.  Pony Club is a global organisation.  There is a Pony Club of Australia, which covers the whole of Australia.  We then have Pony Club of Victoria, which covers the state of Victoria.  Victoria is divided into 10 Zones currently comprising 210 Clubs. Each club is organized and arranged separately, but the Zone also has an organizing Committee. Each Zone also has a Chief Instructor whose duty is to supervise and encourage the instruction policy within the Zone. Each Zone sends Councillors to Association meetings to determine general policy.



There are two parts to the fees

  1. Yearly fee of $143.50 as charged by our Pony Club association, you will become an Associate member of the Monbulk Pony club, this fee contributes to our insurance coverage and membership dues for the Pony Club Association


  2. A term based fee of $50* per week
    * 1st child $50 per week
    * 2nd child (Enroled in MPC) $40 per week
    * 3rd Child (Enroled in MPC) $30 per week
    per week Payable for the term,  this fee covers our costs and allows us to provide great instructors

**  We do ask that you pay the term fees before the term starts.  If you miss a week, we might be able to transfer that weeks fee to the next term.  We don't like to do that as we have to pay our instructors regardless of the number of children that attend.  Our program is run by the Monbulk Pony club on a voluntary basis, we aim to make the program self sufficient in terms of funding,  if we ran the program at a loss then this would impact the viability of the Monbulk Pony club, and we would not be able to continue it.  Our program is reliant on the many volunteers who provide the helpers that attend each week, the equipment we use, the amazing grounds that are maintained by volunteers of your club,  the horses we use,  the program would not be viable at the fee level we charge without these kind donations.

If you are unable to pay for any reason, please come and talk to us, we are doing this to give your kids the opportunity to experience what we have expereinced, and we will help wherever possible.


Previous Topics Covered

Term 2 2018 Topics covered

  1. April 28th - Mounted Games
  2. May 5th  - Show Jumping
  3. May 12th - Rugging and Worming
  4. May 19th - Jumping
  5. May 26th - Setting up a jump course
  6. June 2nd - Feeding
  7. June 9th - Arena Patterns
  8. June 16th - Arena Patterns
  9. June 23rd - E Certificate
  10. June 30th - E Certificate

Term 3 2018 Topics Covered

Sessions will take place on

  1. July 21st - Handling and Ground Manners
  2. July 28th - Grooming
  3. August 4th - Rider Position and Hands, and balance exercises
  4. August 11th - Horse Points and Breeds
  5. August 18th - Hoof Care/Trimming (Alison)
  6. August 25th - What is Dressage, the movements
  7. September 1st - Dressage Test Practice 5A
  8. September 8th - First Aid (Alison)
  9. September 15th - Pony club QUIZ!

Term 4 2018 Topics Covered


  1. October 13th - Horse Paddock and Safety
  2. October 20th - Ways we use horses - Equestrian Activities
  3. October 27th - Knots and Horse handling Safety
  4. November 3rd - Horse Racing! Ride to Time.
  5. November 10th - Musical rides
  6. November 17th -  Trooping - Riding in Pairs
  7. November 24th - D Certificate - Road Safety
  8. December 1st - Skin Things
  9. December 8th - Make a Christmas Present for your Horse and your family
  10. December 15th - Break up party


Term 1 2019

We will be running sessions on these days (Saturday 9-12)

  1. 9th February - Horse Evolution
  2. NOTE - NO PROGRAM on the 16th FEB
  3. 23rd February - Hay, all you ever wanted to know, how to buy hay for your horse
  4. 2nd March - Cancelled due to Total Fire Ban (Horse Dentist
  5. 9th March - Making your own Horse snacks
  6. 16th March - Daily Hoof care and holding a hoof safely
  7. 23rd March  - Autumn and your horse
  8. 30th March - Horse Floats
  9. 6th April - Points of the Horse